Forget everything you thought you knew about photo booths.

Our goal is to create a photo booth experience that fits your event perfectly.
In addition to full customization, we offer the highest quality hardware + software, backdrops + props available for your use. 

high quality images-2.jpg

Images of unmatched quality taken with a professional grade DSLR camera; just think of us as a 2nd photographer at your event.

high quality images.png

Post + share your memories in the moment! Instant delivery of media via text + email is included in all packages.

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That extra touch! We don't just do photos; video GIFs are also included in all packages.

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Plenty of room to comfortably fit your entire crew in one photo.

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Truly make the booth your own! A custom photo template to match your theme is included in all packages. Matching photo booth menu screen + GIF overlay are also available

high quality images.png

We add to the style of your event, we don't take away from it. Try getting that from a cramped, bulky retro booth.